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Academic Integrity 101

When you think about academic integrity, what comes to mind first? You may conceptualise it based on your institution’s policies on academic conduct and anti-cheating measures, or your own understanding of what constitutes honest behaviour in the pursuit of an education.

The stakes are high for institutions to produce students who legitimately achieve the learning outcomes for which they are assessed, and meet the requirements for graduation.

The general consensus that academic integrity means submitting your own, original work doesn’t change the fact that in practice, ‘cheating’ can be fraught with misunderstandings. Are you confident of your ability to detect deliberate or unintentional plagiarism amongst your students and turn it into a teachable moment?

This eBook aims to enhance educators’ and program administrators’ approach to upholding academic integrity at their institution to protect student learning outcomes and safeguard institutional reputation.

What the ebook covers:
  • Understanding academic integrity and its application
  • Plagiarism facts and trends
  • Addressing academic integrity in your classroom
  • Incorporating academic integrity measures in your institution’s strategic plan
  • Handy resources to facilitate the student-educator journey with academic integrity


The practice of academic integrity by a student goes beyond a plagiarism-free submission that upholds university policy. Without it, the entire premise of mastery of a school or university discipline is threatened.

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