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Curtin University’s approach to AI innovation in assessment and learning

We chat with Dr Richard Blythe from Curtin University about the institution’s response to AI innovation in assessment and their ‘learning futures’ initiative.

Dr Richard Blythe | Pro Vice-Chancellor of Humanities, Curtin University

In this video, we chat with Dr Richard Blythe from Curtin University about how the institution is evolving their assessment and learning practices in response to artificial intelligence.

Overseeing learning and teaching strategy along with integrity policies across the humanities, Richard shares his perspectives on AI and explores Curtin’s ‘Learning Futures’ initiative that is helping define AI’s role in the learning environment.

Toward reimagining assessment to be a more reliable indicator of student performance, Richard discusses the concept of aligning assessment output - and specifically writing - with its history and to its future, to ensure it’s an authentic marker or milestone in a student's learning journey that is not undermined by AI assistance.

How might Curtin University’s approach to learning and assessment in the age of AI inspire your own progress in safeguarding fair, authentic learning? Watch the video to learn more.