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  • Technical integration


  • Assignment
  • Assessment
  • School Operations
  • Learning Management System


  • Secondary education

Daymap LMS SIS

Daymap was developed with the goal to assist teachers and schools in improving outcomes for students and to enhance the personalised learning experiences made possible by the increasing use of technology in schools. It is a genuine one-stop-shop that streamlines the multitude of functions necessary for a school to operate. It provides teachers with tools to create engaging learning experiences, it provides students with an organised structure to their learning, and it provides parents with real time progress reporting.

Daymap is fully owned and operated by Loop Software, which is a private company based in Melbourne and established in 2000. Loop Software has a strong history of providing robust solutions to assist schools to manage teaching and learning. Since 2002 we have been working alongside schools and systems to understand the complex requirements in this space, and have developed a reputation for being consultative, responsive and deeply interested in the success of schools.