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Possibilities of artificial intelligence for assessment design, security and e-cheating

Episode #23

In this video, Dr Arif Jubaer discusses the role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in assessment design and security to validate learning outcomes and preserve integrity.

Dr. Arif Jubaer | Founder, Arif Systems

In this video, Dr Arif Jubaer, discusses the role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in assessment design to support the delivery of learning outcomes. As the founder of Arif Systems, he shares his experiences of partnering with universities from across the world to implement AI-lead strategy.

Arif explains how AI helps education professionals measure the things that really matter, and how it is there for you in ‘real time’. He explores the benefits, including improvement of feedback timeliness that makes frequent feedback loops realistic for time-strapped educators, and personalisation pathways that can increase student engagement and knowledge outcomes.

Canvassing the biggest roadblocks to successful AI adoption in universities, Arif highlights a pressing need as investment in training for staff, to bring them into an AI world. He contends that academics must be able to confidently interpret AI output in order to make decisions for the betterment of their curriculum and courses.

Looking at AI integration from both a strategic and technical perspective, Arif emphasises that AI is only as smart as your institution’s data quality and data quantity. He also touches on education technology tools such as Turnitin to provide transparency in support of academic integrity and to combat e-cheating.

Welcoming an increasing reliance on AI, Arif also cautions that it is not a substitute for the human element and common sense, and that AI initiatives must be imbued with the wealth of knowledge retained by staff. Having not yet reached the full potential of AI, he also looks at what might be on the horizon.