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Integrity Matters
by Turnitin

​Does integrity really matter?

Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles – fundamentally drives who we are and how we act, personally and professionally.

Our work has led to many insightful discussions on the role integrity plays in education, academia, research, assessment, technology and the workplace and we invite you to discover why and how integrity matters in our daily lives.


Latest episodes‌

Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World

Welcome to our 3-part Integrity Matters series ‘Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World’, exploring the book of the same name.

We chat with its co-authors, Professor Margaret Bearman and Professor Phillip Dawson from the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) at Deakin University, and Dr Edd Pitt from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at University of Kent.

Across 3 episodes, each guest tackles a different dimension of rethinking assessment in the digital landscape, to help inform best practice for educators and institutions alike.

Tackling e-cheating & assessment security with Phillip Dawson

In partnership with The Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE), we’re excited to bring you a four-part series of our Integrity Matters vidcast + live Q&A with one of Australia’s leading authorities on e-cheating and assessment security - Professor Phillip Dawson from Deakin University.

Armed with insights from his latest book ‘Defending Assessment Security in a Digital World’, Phill chats with Turnitin’s Chukwudi Ogoh about shoring up the integrity and security of assessment in a digital setting, as we look ahead to hybrid learning modalities.

Your vidcast team

James Thorley


Anna Borek

Anna Borek


Chukwudi Ogoh


Justina Phoon

Justina Phoon


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